On December 11th at the Merriweather Library, members of the local Crossroads Collective and statewide NY Renews coalitions will host a world premiere screening of the new HBO documentary, Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution. Highlighting innovators and entrepreneurs in communities from Georgetown, TX to Buffalo, NY, the film follows Jamie Redford –  grandson of a longtime Chevron worker and son of actor/environmental advocate Robert Redford – on an enlightening cross-country journey to discover the current state of clean energy and see what lies on the horizon. The documentary reveals the pioneering renewable-energy solutions that are making the potential future brighter than ever before, while underscoring issues of human resilience and social justice.

Coalition members will be joined by local elected officials for a press conference at 7:00pm at the library prior to the film screening to call on Governor Cuomo to take action in early 2018 that sets NYS on its own path to an equitable 100% clean energy revolution. Specifically, coalition members will call on the Governor to commit in his 2018 State of the State address to passing the Climate and Community Protection Act, and funding a just transition to 100% renewable energy across every sector of the economy by making corporate polluters pay for the damage they’re doing to our communities, the health of our families, and the stability of our climate.

In the era of Trump, NYS needs to go above and beyond to secure a safe, sustainable, and equitable future for communities like Buffalo, free from climate catastrophe. False solutions leave our communities vulnerable not only to climate catastrophe but to the predatory operation of market forces and the powerful influence of large corporations and investor-owned utilities on elected officials. Real solutions put the most vulnerable people and the planet first, create the conditions for energy democracy in our local economies, codify community control over decision making and resource allocation, and build community wealth where its been historically extracted. Only by pursuing real solutions can we achieve just transitions within our communities. The NY Renews policy platform is a just transition strategy, which, if enacted, would reinvest billions of dollars of new revenue in community controlled renewable energy and energy efficiency programs, and large-scale public infrastructure like upstate mass transit and vehicle electrification. These investments will create over 150,000 good paying clean energy jobs per year while setting NYS on a path to a 100% fossil fuel free economy by the year 2050.