“Winter is here in Upstate New York and residents are looking forward to coming home to a warm fire and reaching for ‘Made in New York Craft Beers’. These beers represent a new and flourishing industry for New York State, and Upstate New York is increasingly becoming the Napa Valley of craft brewing. Not only do distilleries, and breweries pour local products and jobs into our economy, they also open new tourism opportunities throughout Upstate New York, which is why it is important we continue to support this industry and provide them with all of the available tools needed to succeed now and in the future. New York is on the cusp of a craft brewing renaissance which benefits our growers, our small business owners, and all those who call New York State home,” said Senator Schumer. “That’s why I am calling on the feds to endorse this enhanced insurance protection for malt barley in Upstate New York. These breweries are a reflection of New York’s entrepreneurial spirit and must be properly supported by growers who can supply them with the locally sourced resources they need.”