January marks 6 months since ride sharing invaded WNY.
“In six short months, Uber has helped Western New Yorkers earn money on their own schedules, move around their communities with ease, and for those who choose to drink, get home safely. It has been an exciting ride and we look forward to the years to come.” said Uber Spokesperson Danielle Filson.
Here’s a look at some of the stats Uber put together over the last six months:
Buffalo Top Drop off Destinations
  1. Buffalo Niagara International Airport
  2. Greyhound Bus Station
  3. New Era Field
  4. Falley Allen
  5. Ellicott Complex (University at Buffalo)
  6. Curtiss Hotel
  7. Walden Galleria Mall
  8. Hyatt Regency
  9. Marriott HarborCenter
  10. Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino
Longest trip: 423 miles going from Buffalo Niagara International Airport to JFK
Avg rider rating: 4.88
Avg driver rating: 4.83
Busiest times of week:
  • Friday & Saturday afternoons through late evenings
  • Morning/afternoon commute hours on weekdays
Number of countries riders are coming from (including the U.S.): 104
Percentage of trips with <10 minute ETA: 95% (from the time a Buffalo rider requests an Uber to the time the Uber arrives is 10 minutes or less 95% of the time).
One observation we’ve had is the visible increase in food delivery services like Uber Eats, grubhub, etc…
I snapped this picture last week at Bocce’s waiting to pick up my order. You can’t tell but  there were at least 6 people from various food delivery apps waiting to pick up food to delivery across WNY.
While Uber didn’t offer up any current stats on job creation, we spoke with one driver that said her and her sisters have recently focused solely on the food delivery side of Uber and other apps.
Her and her two sisters split shifts and essentially have created a full-time business for themselves working for multiple food delivery apps simultaneously picking up and delivering food to customers across WNY.
Now that’s a side hustle.