“As a public servant and a business person, I am disturbed and offended by Collins’ clear lack of integrity. The citizens of New York’s 27th District deserve better.  If elected, I will represent all the people of our district, and uphold the rule of law.  If Collins’ wants to spend his time lining his own pockets, he should resign from office and accept whatever legal consequences ensue.  I look forward to bringing real representation back to the 27th.”

There has been an ongoing ethical cloud shrouding Congressman Collins’ time in office. Most recently the Buffalo News reports on a court case brought by Gregory R. Chiklis, the former CEO of ZeptoMetrix, Collins’ privately held company,  In his sworn affidavit, former CEO Chiklis stated that Collins, as Zeptometrix Board Chairman, made unilateral decisions regarding the company’s finances that fall well outside of standard accounting practices. These include paying over $500,000 a year to “phantom employees” in an effort to reduce stated corporate profits.

​This most recent layer in the Congressman’s ethics-challenged career was preceded by scandals that are currently subject to a House Congressional Ethics Committee investigation. These investigations may result in civil or even criminal charges.