A proposed redevelopment design for the former Women and Children’s Hospital site has been unveiled for the Elmwood neighborhood.

Among the details, the redevelopment would include:

  • About 200 apartments, 40 to 50 condos for sale and 40 to 45 town houses
  • Reuse of most of the former hospital buildings
  • A new six-story building with apartments and retail at Elmwood Avenue and Bryant Street
  • A new four-story building on Utica Street, with an urban grocery, boutique shops and apartments.
  • -A restaurant and stores on the ground floor of the new building on the site of a parking lot at the corner of Elmwood Avenue and Bryant Street, plus apartments with balconies on the upper five floors.
  • A four-story, building with an urban grocery store at 188-204 West Utica St.
  • Renovation of the 4,000-square-foot, two-story former Hodge Pediatrics building at 125 Hodge into a new daycare center, with a 5,000-square-foot, one-story expansion and a playground.
  • Three clusters of town houses next to the grocery building on West Utica.
  • Forty to 50 for-sale condos in the former hospital’s Variety and Tanner towers, along with apartments and a 75-room hotel on the first three floors.
  • Commercial office space in the hospital’s Alfiero Building, just east of the towers.
  • Historic renovation of the old MD and Annex buildings into apartments. 

The project proposed by Sinatra & Co. Real Estate and Ellicott Development Co. is expected to cost $100 million to $110 million.