Hamburg native, Bryan Wittman spent three decades planning and producing creative marketing campaigns and events around the world for the Walt Disney Company. Yet no matter where he traveled, Wittman always returned to his family’s Western New York home. That long-running connection ultimately inspired the accomplished executive to combine his Disney expertise with his hometown passion in launching, Dry Creek Group (DCG) (,
a business Wittman terms as offering, “World Class Solutions, With a Touch of Magic.”

“When I retired from Disney, there was no doubt I would return to Western New York. The question was, what would I do with my time,” Wittman said. “The answer became Dry Creek Group. It’s a company that combines my lifetime of creating innovative marketing campaigns, celebrations, commercial developments. special events, and entertainment around the world, with my desire to collaborate with companies, organizations and nonprofits in providing them with fresh ideas, inspiration, strategies and the tools to help them achieve their marketing and business goals.”

While only recently launched, DCG already lists a collection of notable Western New York clients including Mercy Flight of Western New York, the Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy and, most recently, the BFLO Experience. Wittman notes that with his wide range of global experience, DCG is able to accommodate an extremely diverse client base.

“We deliver a wide-range of integral business services at an unparalleled level of expertise to clients focused on differentiating their company, organization or nonprofit,” Wittman said. “No matter their size or scope, our clients share the same goal of achieving above and beyond the norm. That’s where my years of Disney experience come in to play, in providing that “touch of magic” that elevates any DCG client project to a whole new level.”

More information about Dry Creek Group and Bryan Wittman can be found on the DCG website