Dear Christopher,

I hope it’s ok that I call you that. After all, you are now reading my email. It seems we are getting pretty close. Yes, that’s right, you sent demand letters to the Town of Grand Island, requesting various bits of information-well, not you really, but some group out of Virginia that works for you. And as a good and transparent government official, I offered up that information.

It was pretty boring stuff huh? But it seems there were a few emails (like, two?) in there where I mentioned that I’m considering running against you. And now you have sent these emails to various media outlets screaming like I committed some capital crime. This is literally what the emails said:

“I am considering running against Chris Collins.”

How dare I say such a thing? I kid, of course, but it probably was not the best thing to do. But still, it seems like a bit of a stretch to make a big deal out of this. After all, I’ve sent hundreds of emails, and that’s all you could find?

And, I might add, you are a Congressman who sits on the board of a failing Australian company, which you apparently used your position to promote. And you also sold shares in that company to your pals on Capitol Hill. There’s more too, but maybe we should talk about all that later . . .

You’re welcomed to continue trying to defame me to distract us from all that bad news about you in the papers. It’s your right. I wish we could instead, however, spend our time talking about what we plan to do to help the people of Western New York. How about this? You seem to not like appearing in public, but might you consider joining me for a public town hall discussion?

You can talk about things like how you made it impossible for New Yorkers to cut State and Local taxes, and I will talk about prevailing wages, the right to farm, infrastructure, broadband, and a whole bunch of other ideas I have to help families in our region.

Sound good? Email me to work out the details? You certainly have my address.

With strained regard,

Nate McMurray

P.S. Still not afraid. Here we come.