It’s bad enough you get arrested and have to spend any time at all in Sheriff Tim Howard’s death trap called the Erie County Holding Center.

But imagine you post bail and are still held against your will for an additional 48-72 hours because a Superintendent said so?

That’s what happened this weekend to around 30-40 temporary inmates at the Erie County Holding Center.

Sources tell us that the departments warrant check system went down Friday night ( Feb. 9th) and as of this afternoon is still not operating.

We are told Captain Whalen and Superintendent Diina ordered that NO ONE be allowed to be released until the system was back up and fully operational. Well that still hasn’t happened…

That left between 30 and 40 people who managed to post bail over weekend forced into an extended stay in jail for up to an additional 72 hours.  

Luckily, there are still good people in the Department who stand up and do the right thing despite the complete lack of management.

We are told that even with the system still being down, a supervisor took it upon himself to review all these inmates files and that this morning, a sergeant ordered the release against the direct orders of the Superintendent based on the fact that these people NEVER should of been held for as long as some of them were.

Generally release can take up to 6- 8 hours depending on the circumstances but usually not that long.

We are checking to see if there is a legal amount of time someone can be held in jail after posting bail, but have not gotten a clear answer.