Today’s article by Buffalo News reporter, Matt Spina, reports the disgusting turn of events that have pushed the death of Richard Metcalf in the Erie County Holding Center from deplorably disgraceful to heartbreakingly meaningless.
Read these eight summary points from the article. Then tonight when you go to bed, pray long and hard that no one you love is ever sent to Sheriff Howard’s Holding Center or jail or put in front of WNY’s most incompetent District Attorney Lori Pettit Rieman.
1) Special prosecutor Lori Pettit Rieman stated her decision to not place charges against Erie County jail deputies in the death of Richard Metcalf was swayed by the State Police investigation and the county medical examiner’s finding in 2012, knowing the Commission of Correction’s Medical Review Board had no access to the victim’s body and only reviewed records, photographs and the State Police investigation. 

2) Special prosecutor Pettit Rieman’s failed to contact Dr. Michael Baden, the forensic pathologist who concluded for the Commission of Correction’s Medical Review Board that Richard Metcalf died of asphyxia – not a heart attack.

3) Special prosecutor Pettit Rieman never contacted Dr. Andrew R. Poreda, who treated Richard Metcalf after an ambulance rushed his body from the Erie County Holding Center to Buffalo General Medical Center on Nov. 28, 2012. Dr Poreda doubted that a heart attack caused Metcalf’s death and called Rieman’s office to offer information, eventually sending her a registered letter asking her to contact him.

4) Special prosecutor Pettit Rieman waited to release her findings on Richard Metcalf’s Holding Center death until after the November Erie County Sheriff’s election.

5) Special prosecutor Pettit Rieman delayed the release of her findings on Richard Metcalf’s Holding Center death to the point that the statue of limitations have now expired.
6) An October 11th email to State Police Officers James Thompson and Richard Landahl clearly proves she had already made her decision

7) On November 22, Special prosecutor Pettit Rieman responded to Richard Metcalf’s uncle to stop contacting her as she had not released her judicial results or conclusions yet.

8) The U.S. Department of Justice failed to consider the Commission of Correction’s request to begin a criminal civil rights investigation of Richard Metcalf’s death.
Editor’s Note: This is the most egregious disgusting thing we have read since the election. This woman knowingly put hers and Sheriff Tim Howard‘s political careers in front of the people she was elected to protect and defend.
Guess there is no accountability in Cattaraugus County for incompetent public officials.
She’s about as corrupt and disgusting a public official as they come. 
A quick google search of her name and its pretty clear this isn’t her first time in the cesspool. Turns out she basically lives in it. But we’ll get into some of that later this week on