Erie County Democratic Chairman Jeremy Zellner today dismissed the Republican gubernatorial field as “weak and delusional” and out of touch with the facts following a GOP debate earlier at Daemen College.

“This was another embarrassing spectacle from a party unready to lead, whether in Albany or Washington,” Zellner said. “We’ve heard a great deal about ‘fake news’ from Republicans this past year, and now we know why – without it they’d have very little to say.”
“We especially don’t need lectures on fiscal disciple and job growth from Joel Giambra, who as county executive led this community into a financial disaster it took years to recover from.”

Zellner rejected Republican claims that Western New York and Upstate have languished economically under Governor Andrew Cuomo.

“Even the most casual visitor to Buffalo over the past seven years can attest to its transformation,” Zellner said. “Whether it’s the new Oishei Children’s Hospital and Jacobs School of Medicine at the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, our thriving waterfront, revived neighborhoods or the influx of millennials, we are moving forward at a pace not seen in generations.

“About the only ones who deny this reality are the weak and delusional candidates who embarrassed themselves today. It’s as if they were saying to the people of Western New York, ‘who are you going to believe – us or your own eyes?’

“We have the facts on our side, and you don’t have to take our word for it,” Zellner added, pointing to multiple media reports regarding the region’s economic renaissance. “This is what the real news has been saying.”

“It’s an exciting time to be in Buffalo. From ex pats to re-pats to stay puts, everyone seems to be commenting on the city’s transformation… Buffalo’s turnaround was never going to be about one sector. It takes many gears moving in the same forward direction to produce lasting change.” – Buffalo News editorial, 1/27/18

“After being blighted by the economic downturn that hit a lot of the rust belt, New York governor Andrew Cuomo launched the Buffalo billion to revitalize the city. … the city decided to start investing in the infrastructure that still exists such as financial services, biotech, sports, science in education. Plus, with great incubator such as 43 North on the rise, expect this former factory town to continue blooming.” – Entrepreneur, 7/6/17

“The most encouraging sign is in the region’s sizzling housing market, which is hotter than it has been in decades… It’s a telling turn around that reflects the groundswell of optimism that has taken root across the region over the last four years or so, with sentiment finally taking a more optimistic turn after decades of pessimism and disappointment.” – Buffalo News, 1/28/18

“There’s one thing that really stands out during the Buffalo Billion era beyond the money. It’s the extraordinary lack of dissent over an economic development plan that is shaped almost every major economic decision in the Buffalo Niagara region over the last six years. We have a plan. We’ve been sticking to it. And we haven’t been bickering about it. Think about how unusual that is. For the better part of four decades, we chased silver bullet solutions…” – Dave Robinson, Buffalo News, 4/13/17

A new Buffalo paradigm brings bullish outlook for the economy.” – David Robinson, Buffalo
News, 4/3/17

“New hires reap the benefits of stronger job market.” – David Robinson, Buffalo News, 8/27/17

“Jobless rate in region hits 10-year low.” – Buffalo News, 10/25/17

“College educated young adults are moving to Buffalo in impressive numbers… The city of
Buffalo’s population of 25 to 34-year-olds grew by 13.4% during the past half-decade, according to the five-year version of the US Census Bureau’s 2016 American community survey, the latest source of official data at the local level.” – Buffalo Business First,1/9/18

“For decades, a home in the Buffalo Niagara region has been a place to live – and not much of an investment. Not anymore. The Buffalo Niagara housing market has radically transformed over the past two years, tilting from the marketplace were buyers had the upper hand to one where sellers now hold a position of strength…. Housing values in the Buffalo Niagara region group by 6% over the past year according to the Federal housing finance agency, would use the third-quarter dad up from both homes sales and appraisals to produce one of the most broad-based snapshots of the local housing market.” – Buffalo News, 1/12/18

“Buffalo is among the nation’s strongest markets for construction, based on a comparison of the sectors current employment and the corresponding level a decade ago. The number of construction jobs in the Buffalo area, which includes area Niagara County’s, grew 4.6% between September 2007 in the same month this year.” – Buffalo Business First, 10/31/17

“The Buffalo I always yearned for is finally coming to fruition. The waterfront is expanding;
there are new museums, new restaurants, new hotels. Hell, even the New York Times dubbed Buffalo one of its top travel destinations for 2018. Buffalo came around, just as I’ve always dreamed.” – Kirby Marzec, Vogue, 2/4/18