It seems obvious, but if you own a campaign domain and was elected to the New York Assembly using it, one would think you might want to hold onto it??

From 2012 to 2016, NYS Assemblyman David DiPietro’s web domain had been hosted at

Here it was in 2012:


In 2014:

Here is Assemblyman DiPietro’s campaign domain today:

Yup. that domain now hosts an Asian prostitution ring that translates from Japanese  to “pink companion”.

According to WHOis, the domain was converted to Asian prostitution sometime in 2017, when DiPietro decided to give up the domain or forgot to renew it:

Common sense would tell you that if you let your domain expire, probably best to change the URL’s on your current social media profiles, no??

Not Mr. Dipietro… As of today, the URL is still linked to Assemblyman David DiPietro’s twitter page:

The URL is also still connected to an advertisement DiPietro never paid for on Michael Caputo’s now-defunct PoliticsNY website:

( Poor Joe Illuzzi… He’s doing cartwheels in his grave with all that’s happening in politics around here… RIP Joe!)

Seriously though, if you or your staff can’t remember to pay the $15 renewal fee to keep a URL you’ve used your entire political career, you really do deserve to have it hijacked by an Asian prostitution company.

On the flip side…Well played Mr. Hiraiwa… Well played…