To all of my amazing volunteers who have dedicated your time over these last 8 months, Thank You!

I could not have done this without you. The level of gratitude and strength you’ve shown me throughout this campaign adds to the fire that drives me. Regardless of your personal reason to help out on this campaign, our collective “why” kept us going throughout these many months. It’s the activism that was oozing out of each and every one of us that connected our reasons to push our communities in a new direction.

Campaigns are about people and ideas. Ideas don’t win people over; people with ideas win people over. Each and every one of you helped get us to where we are today. Each postcard stamped, each letter written, each meme crafted, each comment on social media posted, each like on Facebook, each retweet on Twitter, each door knocked, each petition signed, each hosted event, each donation contributed, each speech written and each friendly handshake with a big smiling hello is what campaigns are all about.

You all believed in me, and I will always have a place for you in my heart. After careful and heartfelt consideration, as of today, we are suspending our campaign for Congress for Western New York, 27th District. Even though, we are ending our run, we must continue our progressive voices, progressive values and push for a new direction with fresh ideas. Whoever, our elected official will be, we must stay resolute in our convictions for the future that we demand. This was a difficult decision but best for our team moving forward.

Thank you again for your dedication, energy and hope.

Your grateful servant,