Despite being told potholes along Lake Ave. would be patched in time for Memorial Day, Blasdell Mayor Rob Hefner decided to play a game of politics over the annual Blasdell Memorial Day Parade this year, by running to the local media and cancelling the event.

Yesterday, even the financially and morally bankrupt ‘Financial Guys’ from WBEN (who actually gives these morons money??), tried to trap Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz into a response on their seemingly unpopular Facebook page:

Had the Mayor done some due diligence (like pick up a phone) instead of throwing flaming political footballs, he may have known that a major construction project “was in the works” for this portion of Lake Ave. but has been delayed due to a bigger project by the Erie County Water Authority.

As it turns out, the Water Authority has plans to replace the main water lines running down and across Lake Avenue this Summer, which would make it a complete waste of time for the County to spend thousands of dollars fixing a road that’s going to just be dug up and need replacement anyway.

Had Hefner actually known a thing or two about what’s going on in his own community, he could’ve easily made different arrangements for the yearly parade.  Instead, Hefner decided to go the cheap easy way and be a political douchebag in order to score a few cheap political points for his dismal political future.