For a company to be successful, the management has to ensure that the level of current assets, liabilities and the company’s working capital are maintained at a sufficient level. The practice of maintaining them at a good level is referred to as capital management, it is important as it ensures that the company is in a position to meet its financial obligations as and when they arise. Many companies around the world have collapsed due to their failure to maintain these financial aspects at an appropriate level, this has occurred in both developing and developed countries. Some professional investment experts have taken advantage of this opportunity to come up with companies specializing in capital management. The companies are involved in offering professional advice and insights to their clients to help them come up with structures necessary to enable them to meet their obligations when they fall due.

Highland Capital Management through the leadership of James has expanded to various parts of the world. The main aim of moving into other parts of the world is to help solve the financial problems that these areas have, some of the most common financial problems include inflation, high rates of corruption and unstable currencies. Most of these problems are beyond the control of any organization.

Some of the main causes of these financial problems is political instability, some countries have suffered from these incidences. It becomes difficult for the country to get back on its feet and professional help is highly needed. Highland Capital Management has helped to restore the economic status of the countries that are affected by political instability.

James is the head and one of the pioneers of Highland Capital Management, the company has earned a good reputation over time and global recognition. He has worked in the capital management industry for decades and he has acquired the skills and enough experience to run a capital management company. He is a role model to many people who would like to take part in the capital management industry and in the business world generally. The company helps their clients to ensure that they get high yields on their investments, James is passionate about helping other businesses to perform well.

Availability of reliable and affordable credit facilities in an economy helps to boost the growth of businesses. James Dondero has taken part in various initiatives meant to provide better credit solutions to entrepreneurs across the globe. He is also the head of other successful investment ventures such as NexBank Capital, the leadership positions are as a result of his exemplary leadership skills.

The main aim of starting and operating businesses is to make profits for the entrepreneurs. Some scholars have argued that there is no need for the companies to take part in social responsibility and other charitable activities. Other scholars that taking part in charitable activities helps to create and improve the organizational image which is essential in the performance of the company. James Dondero believes that giving back to the society through various activities is necessary, making profits is not his only aim when doing business.

James is an inspiration to many youths around the world, he started from low-level jobs and rose up the ranks and later becoming part of the executive of some of the most profitable companies. Many youths today are not patient, they easily give up because of simple challenges, some start businesses which later collapse after a short time as they lack persistence.

James Dondero also excelled in his education, he attended internally recognized institutions of higher learning where he specialized in accounting and finance. He is also a certified public accountant.