Labatt USA will partner with Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper to launch a new pilot program where Labatt employees will sample and test local waterways for microplastics – an emerging pollution problem. The pilot program is a new component of Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper’s long-standing Riverwatch program. The partnership also includes an investment and volunteer activities to prevent storm water run-off through shoreline restoration programs, and other clean up efforts to protect the health and quality of local recreational waterways.

“Not only is clean water required to make great beer, but it also means open beaches, swimmable lakes and summer recreation on the Buffalo River! We focus our time and investment in helping to protect the waterways that are so precious to our employees and consumers during our beautiful, albeit short, summer in Western New York,” said Lisa Texido, brand manager for the Labatt Family. “Our work with Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper helps us improve our environmental footprints while making a difference in our hometown.”

Labatt USA is a triple bottom line company that prioritizes people, planet and profit to drive its business, reduce environmental footprints and impact the community.

”Protecting our region’s greatest natural asset is a shared responsibility and will require help from our entire community from both the public and private sector,” said Jill Jedlicka, executive director of Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper. “Our partnership with Labatt USA will not only result in critically important environmental data collection on microplastics in local tributaries, but it will also have a long-lasting impact on raising awareness and inspiring volunteer service throughout Western New York.”

About the Labatt USA and Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper Partnership


Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper provided training to 60-plus staff members from Labatt USA on microplastics as an emerging pollutant in local waterways. The training consisted of hands-on water sampling, measurement and documentation. Beginning in May, teams of Labatt employees and Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper volunteers will go out weekly to test waterways near where they live. Each of the 10 locations will be tested monthly through October to establish baseline data. It is the goal of the program to assess the presence and scale of microplastics in local tributaries that can ultimately help inform water policy and water quality protection efforts. This new initiative builds off the long-standing Riverwatch program supported by the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo where more than 80 community volunteers monitor general water quality at more than 100 sites.

Seneca Bluffs Habitat Restoration Site

For a second year, Labatt USA will be partnering with Pegula Sports and Entertainment and Try-It Distributing to sustain restoration work at Erie County’s Seneca Bluffs Natural Habitat Park on Saturday, May 19. Volunteers will remove invasive species and non-native plants, pick up trash to prevent pollution, and plant trees and shrubs to restore native habitat. Following the restoration event, Labatt USA will host an afterparty for volunteers at Canalside during the upcoming Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper Weekend May 18-20, 2018.

Community Clean-Up Events

Labatt USA will host clean up, education and restoration events to help Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper maintain and restore local waterways. Citizens from throughout the community can register to volunteer at one of the monthly events held on the third Saturday of every month from June through October. There are multiple sites throughout the region. For more information visit: