Democratic campaign organizers have been taking advantage of NGP VAN’s applications in order to streamline their canvassing efforts. This software provides a variety of services for campaign organizers and canvassers, taking away the typical stress associated with these jobs, allowing them to focus on their actual door-to-door campaigning.

Some people argue that canvassing isn’t as effective as it once was, arguing that the time and money required to run an efficient canvassing campaign outweighs the end results.

Canvassing is campaign lingo for the act of going door-to-door talking to constituents in a given district. Volunteers have conversations with potential voters and try to get them to show up on Election Day.

Typically, a campaign organizer must work directly with each canvasser to plan their routes and pick which houses are most likely to result in additional votes. NGP VAN’s software significantly reduces the time it takes an organizer to complete this process. An organizer simply enters the necessary information, like location and the amount of canvassers. Once an organizer provides the software with this information, the software produces the most efficient route for canvassers to walk. The software also provides canvassers with information about potential voters, like hot button issues they care about and political alignment.

The primary strategy of most canvassers is to target swing voters, ignoring voters who are firm with one side of the isle. These voters, whether Democrat or Republican, are likely to already have their mind made up on political choices; Swing voters are often unsure who the best candidate is, and it is the canvassers job to convince them that their political candidate is the best choice. NGP VAN is making the job of canvassers much easier.

NGP VAN is able to provide services pertaining to voter information because other campaigns have shared this information with the software. This has enabled future campaigns to make use of this information, making the campaign process for the entire Democratic Party more effective.

MiniVAN and Distributed Canvassing are just two of the applications offered by NGP VAN to Democratic campaigns.

By using these applications, campaigns aren’t merely making their jobs easier; they are reaching a more targeted audience. By skipping the houses of die-hard Republicans, canvasser can focus all their attention on swing voters, having longer conversations and talking about the issues that these individuals truly care about. By treating each potential voter differently and talking to them about personalized issues, a canvasser is letting the voter know that they care about important issues.

This software has completely changed how campaigns go about their canvassing efforts.

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