Staffing Solutions, one of Buffalo’s most respected recruiting agencies is firing back at news of the filing of an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Complaint in the United States District Court for the Western District of New York, based on a charge originally initiated by a former employee. According to Company founder and owner, Kathleen Faulhaber, while the allegations are meritless and disturbing, the fact of the filing was no surprise

“It was clear in our dealings with the EEOC over the last year that their ultimate intent was litigation,” Faulhaber said. “What is shocking and disturbing is that our former Staffing Solutions employee, Tammy Iser, filed such a claim and the substance of her complaint. She alleges that I used racial epithets toward African American applicants, rejected older and pregnant job applicants and followed the race and sex preferences of clients. If what Ms. Iser alleges is true, then why would I have hired and promoted her—an older woman with a criminal record?

The fact of the matter is, it was only after Ms. Iser abruptly quit her employment with my company, providing no notice and no good reason, that she made the multiple allegations cited in this claim. Additionally, I have discovered that Ms. Iser and the EEOC have partnered in the past on a case similar to this, against a different employer, for which I believe she was paid handsomely.  I feel totally set up in this circumstance as Ms. Iser, in her role as our office manager, would have had the power and access to do all of the things listed in the EEOC Complaint, such as documenting and destroying files.”       

      Staffing Solutions was founded by Faulhaber in 2011 as an employment agency specializing in job placement for people interested in industrial, warehouse, shipping and receiving, and clerical positions. In seven years, the woman-owned business has grown into the premiere employment agency in WNY with a staff dedicated to understanding their client’s business operations in order to fully realize what they are looking for in an employee. It is a responsibility which, according to Staffing Solutions client Trey Way, he has personally experienced.

      Staffing Solutions is a great Temp Agency. I did a walk-in sign up with no appointment and had a job that same day working a 12-hour full time temp-to-permanent job with optional over time. It’s not a racist place. I’m a black guy with tattoos and the staffing guy was cool and helpful. I would recommend it to anyone.”

     Attorney Ginger Schroder founding partner in Schroder Joseph and Associates, a boutique law firm limited to the practice of management-side labor and employment law as well as complex commercial litigation. is representing Staffing Solutions and Kathleen Faulhaber in the EEOC lawsuit. The experienced attorney sees the case as a growing example of government abuse.

  The allegations in this lawsuit are outrageous as well as complete and utter lies,” Schroder said. “I am shocked that a government agency could manufacture such allegations out of thin air and actually file them in court and I look forward to presenting evidence that will prove the reputation of my client as an upstanding business owner and community leader, as opposed to the accuser who is a documented criminal.”