Endorsed Democratic nominee Carima El-Behairy (NY-60) is calling on her opponent, New York Senator Chris Jacobs, to stand with other local legislators and community organizations in support of the Climate and Community Protection Act (S7971/A8270), an important piece of legislation that has been stuck in typical Albany gridlock.

Members of PUSH Buffalo and the Crossroads Collective gathered outside Jacob’s Buffalo office on Tuesday, only to be brushed away by an aide of the current senator. Representatives from these groups have attempted to meet with Jacobs, but the senator has ignored his constituents for well over a year.

“As if out of the Republican national playbook, Senator Jacobs continues to ignore his constituents on an important legislation that would have an enormous impact on generations of New Yorkers,”  said El-Behairy, Democratic candidate for New York’s 60th Senate district.

El-Behairy says, “Ignoring your constituents for over a year on such an important issue for our community is shameful. As your next New York State Senator, I will make sure that people on all sides of important issues like climate change and renewable energy are represented and brought to the table, even if we may not agree on the issue at hand. Everyone’s voice should be heard.” 

If passed, the CCPA would codify New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s commitment to a 100% renewable energy transition in New York by2050, and would ensure that existing climate and energy funds are targeted to disadvantaged communities and support projects with high-road labor standards that benefit working families.

The legislation would help create a framework for equitable and accountable climate- and energy-related economic development investments, like those funded through Cuomo’s Buffalo Billion initiative.

“The Climate and Community Protection Act is critical for not only protecting New York State’s environment but ensures New York remains a leader in clean energy,” El-Behairy said.

The assembly has recognized the importance of clean energy for the past three years, yet the State Senate refuses to weigh in.

El-Behairy continued, “Western New York is positioned at the forefront of renewable energy and should be a leader in these technologies, providing good-paying jobs for hard-working families while protecting the environment around them for generations to come.”

El-Behairy strongly supports the Climate and Community Protection Act and, when elected, she will work with state leaders to ensure that this legislation is passed.