This is a story that WNYmedia Network produced back in 2007 by @marc Odien and Bill Zimmermann of the more than 50+ year friendship of Conrad Mikulec from #Buffalo and Thaison (whose last name I can’t remember) from Vietnam.

Although worlds apart were brought together by the common goal of getting John McCain and other POW’s released from Vietnam.

Against their efforts, McCain refused to leave until all the men were released together in 1973.

Conrad could be a cantankerous SOB but he was a brilliant man whose bark was usually bigger than his bite. He developed the ABC fire extinguisher, and he invented the first aluminum scuba tank for Jaques Cousteau, enabling recreational scuba diving, and held other patents for things you probably still use every day.

Mikulec and McCain remained good friends through the years.

Conrad passed away in February and of course John McCain died yesterday at the age of 81, but we think this story of peace, dedication, and friendship should continue to live on.