When a so-called “scientific” poll finds that 52% of “Bills fans” think Nathan Peterman should actually be the Buffalo Bills starting Quarterback you know something is rotten in Denmark.

A recent poll was conducted by a right wing consultant company called “Big Dog Strategies”. It’s owned and operated by ECGOP political trickster Christopher Grant.

Among the supposed findings:

  • Voters Twice as Likely to Not Purchase Nike Products After Colin Kaepernick Ad
  • Parents Significantly Less Likely to let Kids Play Football Given Recent NFL Controversies
  • Buffalo Bills Fans Overwhelmingly Approve of Decision to Start Nathan Peterman at QB, but Half Think Bills Will Have Losing Season

Let’s be clear. Most scientific polls are conducted by companies that are non-partisan and independent. Grant is neither.  He was just recently responsible for conducting a racist filled push poll for Stefan Mychailiw in #NY27:

Here are a few more reasons this poll is complete bullshit:

5Poll Really Found Most People Don’t Give a S**t  About the Nike Ad

When you add everything up according to their polling, 53% of people frankly don’t really give a shit about Nike.