Addressing news that indicted Congressman Chris Collins will stay on the ballot in New York’s 27th Congressional District, DCCC Communications Director Meredith Kelly issued the following statement:

In an attempt to end a devastating news cycle following Congressman Chris Collins’ indictment, Republicans immediately vowed that they would get their scandalized Congressman off the federal ballot, but we now know that this wasn’t true.

“In the most stark sign that House Republicans are a corrupt and unethical body only out to benefit themselves and their special interests, there are now two indicted Republicans on the ballot in November.

“The voters of New York 27th Congressional District now have the clearest of choices between scandal-plagued Chris Collins and Nate McMurray, who will be a real fighter for the families of Western New York, and the stakes just got a whole lot higher on November 6th.”

Given Chris Collins’ longstanding and widely covered ethics issues, the DCCC has had NY-27 on our target list since the start of the cycle.