While Republicans in NY-27 vet a potential candidate to fraudulently replace Rep. Chris Collins on the November ballot, a huge red flag is now flying in the face of the ECGOP frontrunner.

Senator Chris Jacobs (NY60) is under fire for failing to recuse himself from a vote that had a direct impact on his families business finances. Not to mention his own.

Back in 2017, the New York Senate passed a bill (Senate Bill 4086) that authorizes the use of state money to expand nine racetrack casinos that operate in New York State, so that they could apply for various tax breaks, etc.. not generally available to smaller sized racetracks and casinos:

The annual amount of such vendor’s capital awards that a vendor track shall
be eligible to receive shall be limited to two million five hundred thousand
dollars, except for Aqueduct racetrack,for which there shall
be no annual limit

The bill was originally introduced by Kathleen Marchione (NY43 Saratoga) and co-signed by Senator Tim Kennedy in February 2017.

Buffalo-based Delaware North companies, owned and operated by Senator Jacobs uncle Jeremy Jacobs, Sr. owns two of the nine casinos that were to benefit from this Senate bill.

Follow the Money

Shortly after the bill was referred to the Senate Committee on Racing, Gaming, and Wagering in February 2017, money started flowing to Jacobs, Kennedy, Marchione and Senate Majority leader John Flannigan:

February 8, 2017 – $2,000 contribution to Jacobs for State Senate by Delaware North

February 14th, 2017 – $1,000 from NYS Gaming Association PAC. A PAC generally funded by Delaware North Interests:

March 8th, 2017 – $1,000 contribution to Kennedy for Senate by Delaware North Companies


According to the bill’s schedule on the NYS Senate website, the bill moved quickly through committee and was cleared for a vote. But like most legislation in Albany, the bill quickly stalled waiting for a vote for almost 3 months.

This is Albany. So what better way to make sure legislation get’s passed?  Throw more money at it.  That’s exactly what Delaware North and other interested parties did in May 2017 when they contributed $20,000 through different entities to the Jacob’s for Senate campaign:

Remember this is Albany, so in order to get a bill to the Senate floor, it must go through the Majority leader.

Those pockets belonged to NYS majority leader John Flannigan:

And let’s not forget the women from Saratoga who put the bill up for consideration in the first place:

Senator Kathleen Marchione:

On the same day, members of the Jacobs family business made substantial individual contributions of $20,000 to Jacobs for State Senate: 


With the money securely in everyone’s bank account, Senate Bill 4068 was brought to the Senate floor just weeks later for a vote on June 6, and June 19.

This is when Senator Chris Jacobs failed to recuse himself from voting on the bill that secured millions of dollars in taxpayer money for the already rich family.

So with nearly $80,000 spent on campaign contributions, the bill officially approved and sent to Gov. Cuomo to sign, what’s one last $2,500 tip to Senator Flannigan’s campaign for his trouble?

So let’s recap:

we currently have a sitting congressman indicted on insider trading allegations while trying to protect his families financial interests and a sitting New York State Senator (who want’s his job) using his position in the State Senate to save his Billionaire families business interests with taxpayer money in exchange for more than $50,000 in campaign contributions to his re-election fund??

Is there really a difference between Chris Collins and Chris Jacobs?