Luke Wochensky’s campaign for the New York State Assembly has picked up a series of significant, bipartisan endorsements that reflect his commitment to families and local communities in rural Western New York.

At a press conference in Warsaw, elected officials from the Republican and Democratic parties made public endorsements of Wochensky’s campaign.

Officials included:

  • Cynthia Appleton, Chairwoman of the County Democratic Committee and Deputy Mayor, Village of Warsaw
  • Doug Berwanger, Chairman of the Wyoming County Board of Supervisors and Supervisor, Town of Arcade
  • Angela Brunner, Supervisor, Town of Java
  • Harold (Hank) Bush, Democratic Commissioner, Board of Elections and Former Supervisor, Town of Gainesville
  • Denise Coffey, Mayor, Village of Silver Springs
  • Joe Gozelski, Former Supervisor, Town of Castile
  • Jeff Mason, Historian, Town & Village of Arcade
  • Jay R. May, Mayor, Village of Arcade
  • Joe Robinson, Mayor, Village of Warsaw
  • Donna J. Schiener, Trustee, Village of Arcade

These endorsements, leading into the most intense period of Wochensky’s campaign for state Assembly, reinforce his willingness to listen to local government officials and to be a part of solving the challenges that farmers and families face.

“The elected officials who have endorsed me are doing a bold and courageous thing, especially given the state of politics today: they’re making an endorsement based on the person and the policies, not the politics,” Wochensky said. “I’m going to continue to speak with elected officials and community leaders, regardless of political party, since these are the people who best understand local issues, and because these are the people I will need to work most closely with as your assemblymember.”

Republican and Wyoming County Board of Supervisors Chairman Doug Berwanger said, “I stand here today at the heart of Wyoming County government, and I’m here to publicly endorse Luke Wochensky for New York State Assembly.”

He continued, “I have served as chairman of the Board of Supervisors for Wyoming County for 19 years, and as supervisor of the Town of Arcade for 23. I am endorsing Luke Wochensky because he has impressed me and has made an effort to get to know what is happening in Wyoming County and with our towns. Luke is running against David DiPietro. In DiPietro’s six years in office I can’t think of one time that he has come here to have a meeting with me or with the Board of Supervisors. It’s time for a change. We need someone who won’t back down from a fight and who will listen, someone we can be proud to have as our representative. That is Luke Wochensky.”

Democrat and Deputy Mayor Cynthia Appleton of Warsaw added, “Luke Wochensky is going to win on November 6th because he is willing to do the work necessary to win and because he isn’t about politics, he is about people. In all my interactions with Luke it comes across so clearly that he cares and that he is ready to get to work. He is sick of yelling and finger pointing and partisan politics. He is focused on listening and solving problems.”

Appleton explained, “Luke has a tough race. Democrats and Republicans need to come together to support him – not just here in Wyoming County but in southern Erie County. Luke’s opponent, David DiPietro, was elected in 2012. In his first term in office he missed over 80 votes, in his second term he missed over 150, and in his third term he missed 347.Wyoming County families cannot afford a fourth DiPietro term.”

Appleton further stressed that “We need a representative who isn’t afraid to fight for what is right and who can work with people to get things done and bring resources back to our towns and villages. Luke Wochensky is the right choice on November 6.”

“We need people in government who will actively listen, put aside artificial political differences, and get to work,” concluded Wochensky. “These dedicated public servants are hard at work in their towns and villages and I deeply respect their support of my candidacy.”