What’s wrong with NYS Assemblyman David DiPietro’s latest attempt at throwing a fundraiser?  Here’s a guess… It’s likely illegal under NYS Election Law.

The Assemblyman is set to host his “first Annual”  Sportsman’s Dinner Fundraiser in November.  His plan?  Raffle off a bunch of weaponry.
Now granted, this years package of deranged goodies isn’t quite as eye-opening as his previous “Sportsman Fundraiser” back in 2014 where he raffled off a bunch of firearms:

But we digress… Here are 5 more things wrong with the newest incarnation of DiPietro’s arsenal raffle:


5. The Fundraiser Isn’t in His District

Not that there’s actually anything wrong with having a fundraiser out of your district. Besides…Why not leech off neighboring assembly districts when you keep losing support in your own?