For the past six years, residents of New York State’s 147th Assembly district have not had the type of active, engaged representation that they deserve, according to candidate Luke Wochensky. Surrounded by supporters Wochensky’s campaign released a report titled Hardly Working: Incumbent David DiPietro’s Record of Absenteeism in the New York State Assembly. The report compiles and collates information from publicly available records related to his opponent’s lack of attendance and missed votes.

The report details not only DiPietro’s attendance record and missed votes during his three terms, with a specific focus on his last two years in office, but also compares his record to other members of the Assembly.

According to the report and its sources, incumbent Assemblymember DiPietro misses more votes with each term he is elected. When looking at days attended for legislative sessions, DiPietro has the worst attendance in the Assembly. In addition to arriving late and leaving early, the per diem records reviewed in the report showed that Dipietro would miss entire weeks at a time. During his last term, there were four complete weeks where he was not in Albany. His colleagues are there from Western New York, but he is not.

“When you hire someone for a job, you expect them to show up, work hard, and deliver results, otherwise you show them the door,” said Cindy Appleton of Wyoming County who opened the press conference. “When you vote for someone to represent you in the New York State Assembly, you expect the exact same thing. DiPietro doesn’t represent our small town rural values and work ethic and it is time for a change.”

The report shows that DiPietro missed more votes in his most recent term than 89 percent of his colleagues in the Assembly. In a comparison with Republicans from WNY, DiPietro doesn’t fare better, missing four times more votes than Republicans Joe Giglio, Ray Walter, Andrew Goodell and Angelo Morinello combined.

While the Hardly Working: David Dipietro report provides more examples, here is a sampling of legislation that Dipietro failed to show up to register a vote.

  • A08427: Enacts the “New York Buy American Act,” which helps to support American companies, American jobs and American workers.

  • S06750: Requires chain pharmacies to operate a safe disposal site for unused controlled substances; a tool to help address the opioid crisis. (Senate number supersedes Assembly number)

  • A04696: Enacts the “New York State Fair Pay Act”; provides that it shall be an unlawful employment practice for an employer to discriminate between employees on the basis of sex, race and/or national origin by paying different wages; another step to creating equal workplaces.


“In our small towns we value hard work and caring for our neighbors. My opponent is the most absent member of the Assembly, and that record does not reflect our rural values,” said Wochensky to the crowd. “My number one priority is to listen. I will bring people together, not divide them. I will work as hard as the people in Warsaw and Bliss and Colden and Brant, every single day,” he concluded.


The white paper, which Wochensky presented at a news conference at the Walter J. Mahoney State Office Building in Buffalo, is available to the public on This document is the result of research by the Wochensky campaign team that examined and cross-referenced per diem records, Assembly vote records and expenditure reports.


Wochensky explained, “This is not mud slinging. These are facts. This is his record. Voters deserve the know the facts and they deserve an Assemblymember that works as hard as they do.”


The campaign invites media and voters to look at the research and analysis, and check our work using publicly available documents and databases. Questions about Dipietro’s pattern of absenteeism and missed opportunities to support legislation that would positively impact the residents of the 147th district should be directed to his campaign.