Spiritual healing is a necessary part of self-care. Healing rituals are becoming a highly requested and sought-after experience. In today’s busy high-tech world, people are becoming drained of energy faster than ever, creating imbalances between spiritual, physical, and mental energies. It is paramount now, more than ever, that people ground themselves to restore this balance.

Wellness is a $167 billion industry and is expected to grow another $4 billion next year (Statista.com, Health and Wellness, US Market Value Statistics, 2017). Innovations such as grounding blankets have been developed not only for humans but also pets. Wellness is becoming less of a luxury and more of a necessity. Many people are seeking spa experiences to promote their overall wellness.

Relaxation is still a focus of many spa services, as it should be, due to the restorative properties of relaxation. Additionally, some spas are now offering “services with intentions”. These services may support one’s desire to lose weight, release emotional baggage, or establish grounding and balance. As the need for restoration increases, it is important to seek spas that incorporate healing.

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