Seems like the Roycroft Inn in East Aurora wants no part in an event featuring Steve Bannon.

The Inn posted on their twitter account a few hours ago that the organizers have decided on another venue for the Oct. 24th Cocktail Party for Assemblyman David DiPietro.

To address your concern, the event booked at The Roycroft Inn by an outside organization with Mr. Bannon in attendance will not be occurring at the Inn. The organizers have advised us that they have chosen to move to another venue. We are not certain of the details.
The Roycroft Inn is a public venue in the hospitality business. We offer overnight accommodations, dining and the rental of rooms for special events from weddings to, yes, local political functions. This has been our practice since re-opening in 1995. We do not discriminate against those interested in holding an event or attending events at The Inn. We do not pre-screen guests attending events hosted by outside organizations. We are simply a venue that rents space and serves food. We hope you understand our need to be unbiased.

Maybe they can tap into the Michael Caputo Trust Fund?  They seemed to have bilked people out of a lot of money lately??

We’ll keep you posted about where they wind up hosting the event.  One would expect some sort of clan-type rally hall somewhere down in the southtowns…

While unconfirmed, someone familiar with the situation says the venue required a major deposit as well as the hiring of additional police for the event once word spread of the event this week.  Money the DiPietro campaign couldn’t generate even if the Big Boss himself came to town and stumped for him.