Race-baiting is one of the most despicable tactics a politician can use, and is a sure sign of a candidate who has lost faith in their own message. Erik Bohen’s latest mailer attempts to stoke fear in voters by relying on racist tropes and outright lies. This polarizing language should never be acceptable, but candidates supported by the Republican party have no problem using this language to persuade voters.

“It is disgraceful to watch political candidates use fear and hatred in order to gain votes,” says candidate Patrick Burke. “Erik Bohen would not have to use these unscrupulous tactics if he had a track record of delivering for the 142nd or a plan to improve the lives of its citizens. But he doesn’t. All he can point to is the fact that he is ‘a man on an island’ who stands for no one but himself. Voters should reject Bohen’s attempts to divide our community.”

A South Buffalo native, where he resides with his wife and three kids, Pat Burke is working to make this region a better place for his family and his constituents. He currently serves as the Legislator for Erie County’s 7th District, and has been fighting for a stronger Western New York since 2013. Burke gained national attention for his microbead ban, which was then adopted nationwide. In Erie County, he banned conversion therapy with the PENCE Bill and recently introduced a Campaign Finance Reform bill. He wants to serve in the Assembly to continue fighting for the middle class, keep our kids safe, defend our environment, and grow our community.