In a press conference early this morning, Pat Burke endorsed Cheektowaga Deputy Supervisor Brian Nowak to fill his soon to be vacated 7th district seat.

Pat is currently an Erie County Legislator who was elected to the New York State Assembly earlier this month. He will leave a vacancy on the Erie County Legislature which will be filled by a majority of the Democratic legislators. To take over his position, Burke has endorsed Cheektowaga’s Deputy Supervisor Brian Nowak.

“Over the last 5 years we’ve been able to some really important work on the environment, labor, equal rights, LGBTQ rights and a lot of other important things. This legislative body is the policy making body for the region and great things can come out of the work that’s done here,” said Burke regarding the Erie County Legislature. Burke has led on these issues during his time at the legislature. He wrote the first microbead ban, wrote legislation protecting union members from having their information accessed by anti-union groups and wrote the PENCE bill which banned abusive conversion therapy.

Burke believes that Nowak would be best to replace him as this district’s legislator because he represents a new wave of politically active people focused on making positive changes to government. “The only person that I could think of who would match the work ethic and the passion that comes out of this legislative body is Brian Nowak. Brian brings a lot of enthusiasm to his work and he is a good representative for this new wave of energy,” said Burke.

“In the time that I’ve been involved, politically, we’ve brought a new generation of people into the political process,” said Nowak, “I’ve been happy to lead on those issues in my capacity as a board member in my town. I’m hoping to bring that energy and those people to the county level to make the kind of change we need in terms of environmental work, in terms of workers rights and in terms of healthcare. These are all things that I’ve lead on in the past and will continue to lead on. It’s great to have Pat’s support and it’s great to have the support of all the volunteers that are getting out there to help me make this happen.”