Following his recent loss to NYS Assemblyman David DiPietro in NY-147th Democratic candidate Luke Wochensky received a strange envelope in the mail that contained his entire Russian travel records:

East Aurora police say Luke Wochensky contacted the department after receiving a manila envelope in the mail from a sender whose “name” Wochensky says translates to “get out” in Russian. The sender also listed an address of 641 Oakwood Ave., which is the location of Wallenwein’s Hotel.

These types of records don’t just show up within your everyday, run of the mill investigatory tools.  It would take a professional, someone with a knowledge in international investigations ( say, for example, a Private Investigator who is known for investigating Russian Oligarch’s in South Florida??) to be able to access that type of information:

Wochensky, who was once a lawyer in Russia, said the envelope contained his Russian travel records from his employment in the country. He told police the only way someone could get the records is if they had a connection to the Russian government or the Russian Federation Secret Service.

Why would a New York State Assembly campaign hire a well known International Private Investigator from South Florida, if not to investigate his opponents time spent in Russia?

They wouldn’t.

Campaign records indicate DiPietro spent $2550 on retaining a prominent South Florida Private Investigator/investigative journalist:

The connection to South Florida is DiPietro’s campaign manager Michael Caputo, who is known to spend a great deal of time in South Florida and whose company is partly based in Miami.

Palm Beach Research International INC. is run by a Private Investigator named Jose Lambiet.  He describes his work on his Facebook profile as a firm that:

specializes in political opposition research and international probes”.

The information sent to Wochensky in that envelope and other information would’ve likely been uncovered by Lambiet’s investigation into his time in Russia.

Very few people would’ve had access to Lambiet’s findings, so it should be pretty easy to figure out who sent Luke this threatening package.

Likely one of two people. Campaign manager Michael Caputo, who presumably OK’d the $2500 expenditure to hire Lambiet and DiPietro himself.

On its own, there is nothing nefarious about a campaign doing ‘opposition research’. In fact, it’s quite common.  What’s not common is a campaign sending their findings back to their opponent in such a callus, threatening and demeaning way.

Honestly, do you expect anything more from these two scabs on local politics?

We hope the East Aurora Police take this seriously and take appropriate action in finding exactly who is responsible for this disgusting display of ‘sore winning’.

It shouldn’t be too hard.