The WomenElect program is working!  This cycle we had 4 WomenElect women running in Western New York and Monroe County!

Michelle Roman – Lockport Mayor
Michelle won this race in Lockport in a heavily Republican town.  She fought hard to make this campaign about her community and she was victorious!

Julie Domaratz – Fairport Mayor
Julie Domaratz will be the first female Mayor of Fairport!  She joins her WE classmate Stephanie Townsend as the second WE women to be elected to office in Monroe County.

Carima El-Behairy – State Senate 60th District
Carima fought a hard race against a well-funded, incumbent Republican male in the Senate district that is both in Buffalo and the suburbs to the north and south of the City.  While Carima didn’t win, many were stunned with her extremely strong showing against what many people thought was an easy race for the incumbent who enjoys very high name recognition.  We look forward to seeing what Carima will do in the future!

Joan Elizbeth Seamens – State Senate 61st District
Joan also ran against a long term incumbent Republican male in a district that is R dominant.  But she saw a potential path through a portion of the district in that is in Rochester and she worked knocking on doors and connecting with voters throughout the district.  Again, many insiders are shocked at her strong showing and talking about Joan for future races.

Both Carima and Joan were supported by the Baker Project, a project of Eleanor Roosevelt’s Legacy that encouraged pro-choice women to run against Republican incumbents for NY State Senate.

In addition to these four amazing candidates, numerous WomenElect women worked on and ran campaigns throughout the State.  This proves what we have been working for – that it is so very important to get qualified, pro-choice women to say yes to running for office.  These women are making true change in their communities and we are proud of the hard fought, positive races that they are running in New York!