BIFF Shorts: Saturday Morning Cartoons

    October 7, 2017 @ 11:00 am – 12:30 pm
    North Park Theatre
    1428 Hertel Ave
    NY 14216
    BIFF Shorts: Saturday Morning Cartoons @ North Park Theatre | Buffalo | NY | United States

    A family friendly line-up of fun, animated shorts from around the region and around the world! 53 minutes.

    Roger 2 Mentes Films (dirs) 7 minutes

    A James Bond style man of mystery suffers an accident on set that threatens his career in a stop motion animated comedy from collective 2 Mentes Films.

    Land Without Evil Katalin Egely (dir) 4 minutes

    A lively exploration of the paradise that lies in all of our hearts, inspired by Guarani mythology.

    Water Path for a Fish Mercedes Marro (dir), 7 minutes

    A boy helps a fish get back to the sea in Mercedes Marro’s vibrant hand-drawn Spanish fantasy.

    Polybius Brad Pattullo (dir) 5 mins

    A boy encounters a mysterious new game in his local arcade in Brad Pattullo’s stop-motion send-up of 1980s conspiracy thrillers.

    Pittari Patrick Smith (dir) 4 minutes

    Inspired by Tom Robbin’s depiction of Tanuki, a Japanese mystical creature known for his mischief, Pittari tells the playful story of a destructive creature halted by an adversary.

    In Exile Alexander Kurilov (dir) 11 minutes

    A boy lives with his grandmother in an Eastern Europian village, left to own devices he toils away on a mystery project until he meets an unexpected friend in Alexander Kurilov’s award-winning computer animated drama.

    Citipati Andreas Feix (dir) 7 minutes

    After a meteorite strikes, a small dinosaur finds his way home in bold computer animated adventure.

    Kamunyak Sarah Gayden (dir) 6 minutes

    A baby antelope becomes fast friends with a lioness in Sarah Gayden’s hand drawn fable inspired by an observation in the Samburu National Reserve.

    Fallen Swan Win Leerasanthanah (dir) 3 minutes

    A baby swan is forced to fly in Win Leerasnthanah’s computer animated ode to taking the next steps in life.