Psychotic Reaction / The Good / Soul Butchers

    October 24, 2017 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm
    Mohawk Place
    47 E Mohawk St
    NY 14203
    Mohawk Place
    Psychotic Reaction / The Good / Soul Butchers @ Mohawk Place | Buffalo | NY | United States

    Tuesday, October 24th. 8pm. $5.

    High Energy Rock & Roll and Heavy Psych from Oklahoma
    Psychotic Reaction

    The Good

    Soul Butchers

    Psychotic Reaction was born and has survived through the minds of Nolan Dacus and Bobby Layton. In October 2006 Nolan was the lead singer for The Raze and Bobby the manager for Broken Sky. After discussing an idea for a Fear/The Germs cover band, they each recruited members from their projects at the time. Dacus drafted Turtle (Chris) Cain from The Raze to be rhythm guitarist for Psychotic Reaction, and Bobby recruited the Baker brothers from Broken Sky, with Race on bass and Rory on the drums.

    So, Psychotic Reaction began their endeavor, with Dacus and Layton writing the majority of their songs, and at this time their sound was similar to The Dead Boys and the older material from The Rolling Stones. Their first show was at The Book Beat in Oklahoma City, and afterwards they had regular gigs at The Conservatory and a few Norman venues, including Studio 360 and Pepe Delgados.

    Over the next few years the ride was rough, due to the differing interests of members. Before long, Turtle grew tired of the rock and roll lifestyle and left to settle down. In his place the band recruited Heath Sitton, previously from the Midwest City band ANDY. At this time, Psychotic Reaction began to lean in a blues direction while still maintaining their garage rock roots.

    By the time they began to play bigger clubs and bars in Tulsa and Texas, they had gained Kevin Lough to play keyboard and synth, but lost Heath in his pursuit of solo work and other avenues, which is where John Brakefield came in and when their sound began to resemble the likes of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Spaceman 3, The Brian Jonestown, and Syd Barrett. However, Brakefield went on to other things for a short time, so Kevin moved to playing guitar alongside Bobby, and around this time they realized things weren’t working out with the Baker Brothers. After a mutual parting of ways, they asked Josh Henning of Mary Tyler Morphine to play drums, and at this time Brakefield returned to play bass.

    At this point, the Psychotic Reaction began to play more shows in Tulsa and larger shows in general, such as the Norman Music Festival, which garnered much respect for the band. They also began to get remarks on their newly formed “wall of sound” when Nolan began playing guitar alongside Kevin and Bobby. However, Psychotic Reaction then parted ways with multiple members. Josh Henning left to later join Love Cobra, John Brakefield left to pursue his solo career, and Kevin Lough left in order to focus on his own group Dadrock.

    So, Bobby and Nolan kept moving forward, with the addition of Phil Rodriguez (previously lead singer of Zombie vs. Shark) on drums and backup singing, playing songs from the first album, the one that was in progress, and also songs for future albums. Throughout the melee of members, the original influences of the band had not faded, and now included the sounds of punk blues, such as the Immortal lee County killers, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, The Soledad Brothers, The Cut in the Hill Gang, and The Oblivions. Punk influences also included Thee Oh Sees, the Coachwhips, Ty Segall, and Mikal Cronin, all of whom helped to a sound that only Psychotic Reaction can provide.

    By the end of 2011 Psychotic Reaction had moved to the Plaza District in Oklahoma City, lost Phil Rodriquez, gained Braden Tapley as a drummer, and filtered various bassists including John Brakefield once more, Dallas Sears (from Oblivious), and Lance Ledesma. Yet again losing their drummer in pursuit of solo interests, the ole boys returned to Pauls Valley where the band had gotten its start. Here, Clint Petty (of Lazy Brains and the Dead Veins) joined on drums until leaving for art school in Portland at the end of 2012.

    Winter of 2012 brought the band to where it is now. Whitt Condit, an old childhood friend of Nolan’s and once a classmate of Bobby’s, joined. Bobby and Nolan are both on vocals and guitar, with Whitt on drums, so they are once more a three-piece band, and the tightest, most high functioning they’ve been in a long time.

    Early 2013 ensued the release of their album “Turtles Reaction” on Tussin Records, as well as a return to their third studio effort, “The Sound Out of Space Vol. I.” Long-time friend and fellow musician Chance Pickett of The Lymph Nodes is recording this for this project. Though a date is not yet set, the album will be released on vinyl, with a limited run of 500.

    It’s been a long and winding road for Psychotic Reaction, but steady with no end in sight, and as Nolan Dacus once quoted regarding the longevity of the band, “We have nothing to hide and nothing to lose. We will keep playing ‘til there’s nothing left.”