Red’s Heaven : Remembering Our Friend Larry “Red” Mrozek

    October 6, 2017 @ 3:00 pm – 8:00 pm
    Flying Bison Brewing Company
    840 Seneca St
    NY 14210
    Flying Bison Brewing Company
    Red's Heaven : Remembering Our Friend Larry "Red" Mrozek @ Flying Bison Brewing Company | Buffalo | NY | United States

    In 1995, two red-haired, malt-crazed homebrew geeks, Tim and “Red”, decided to start a brewery in the city of Buffalo. Before they could see their mutual dream materialize, Red passed away in a tragic motorcycle accident on September 27th, 1997. It would be another tough two and a half years before Flying Bison officially ‘earned its wings’ and opened up in Riverside with the help of friends and new investors.

    Friday, October 6th, 2017 we invite you to join us for a loving celebration of our dear friend and co-founder Larry “Red” Mrozek, who left us 20 years ago. We’ll be sharing memories, passing photographs, and telling stories the way Red would have wanted us to, over multiple pints of dark beer!.

    FEATURED BEERS, all brewed in tribute to Red…

    RED’S BROWN ALE (available on draft AND cask/handpull): Resident moustache enthusiast, hop lover, long time investor, and current Flying Bison brewer Paul “Hop Jack” Jackson created the recipe for this brand new exquisite-tasting ale that we’re releasing for this celebration. We’re labeling it a ‘Robust Session Brown Ale’, with a big American hop aroma and bitterness countering deep roasted malt flavors and a touch of smokiness…yet immensely quaffable at 3.8%abv.

    RED’S HEAVEN IMPERIAL RED ALE (2015): We’ve been saving 5 gallons of this heavenly 10%abv malt nectar since our 15th Anniversary party. We’ve just been waiting for the right occasion to tap it.

    AVIATOR RED ALE: The original Flying Bison ale, on our menu since 2000. This beer’s recipe was originally an homebrew homage to a malty Irish beer Tim & Red had a mutual fondness for when they could find it outside the USA, Smithwick’s Barley Wine Ale. After Red’s passing, Tim thought it was only natural to brew this beer under the FBBC label and name it after him, and thus Aviator RED Irish-style Ale was born!

    Two “Red’s Brown Ale” casks will be tapped for the occasion, one at our normal Friday cask-tapping time of 3pm…and one for a special toast to Red at 6pm!

    Wheher you’re an old friend or acquaintance of Red, a supporter of Flying Bison, a homebrewer in Buffalo, or just a fan of great beer, we invite you to come tip a pint in honor of our good friend.