Ralph Wilson: Forever Grateful

Follow Mike on Twitter Ralph C. Wilson Jr. wasn’t just the owner of the Buffalo Bills. He was the reason Buffalo remained on the proverbial map. Ask most people around the country what the first thing they think of when they hear the...
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Thank you Ralph

Follow Michael on Twitter We knew the day would come. We all knew at some point the elephant in the room would become a reality to all of us. It's now here staring us in the face. Ralph Wilson died at the a...

The complicated legacy of Ralph Wilson

I have to admit, it is pretty hard for me to write something emotional about someone I never met. I've been lucky for most of my life (knock on wood). I have only been to a funeral for one person, my grandfathe...
Joe's Mailbag2

Joe’s mailbag: 1.0

Greetings people of Earth. I'm Joe and I'm just trying to make this mailbag a thing on the site. I'm doing it every other week and pretty much will take on any question. This week I talk Bills free agency, ...

Q&A about Corey Graham with @RussellSTReport

Continuing with our Q&As for new Bills, we got Tony from the Baltimore Ravens site Russell Street Report to dish the dirt on Corey Graham. I also have a few Pro Football Focus stats about him at the end of the piece. Enjoy and tell a friend...

Q&A about Keith Rivers with @joegoodberry and @UltimateNYG

It is two Q&As for the price of one player. The Bills signed former 1st round pick Keith Rivers and I'm bringing in NFL Draft analyst and player evaluator for CincyJungle.com (SBNation's Bengals blog) Joe Goodberry to let me know what the deal is with him. Follow him @JoeGoodberry. I also got Andy Furman from Ultimate NYG to talk about Rivers time with Big Blue. His Q&A starts right after the photo of Rivers playing with the Giants.

Q&A about Chris Williams with @Ramsherd

So the Bills signed some guard named Chris Williams from the Rams. Yeah..I don't know who the hell he is either. However, this is why I reach out to the folks who covered him to find out the 411. Here's Will from Rams Herd to dish the dirt on him.

Q&A about Hudson Fasching and Nicolas Deslauriers

Follow Chris on Twitter The earliest trade made on deadline day by Tim Murray saw Brayden McNabb and a pair of second round picks go west in exchange for Hudson Fasching and Nicolas Deslauriers. It was a tr...

Q&A about Rusty Klesla and Michal Neuvirth

  Follow Chris on Twitter One of the final moves Tim Murray made yesterday was shipping Jaroslav Halak and a third round pick in 2015 to Washington in exchange for defenseman Rusty Klesla and goalte...

Trade Deadline Analysis: How Did Tim Murray Do?

  Be sure to follow Mike on Twitter Ok, time to take a deep breath, Sabres fans. It's over; the trade deadline has come and gone, concluding one of the wackier weeks in franchise history. Fans of ...
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Toronto Series is dead…for now

Finally. Some good news for Bills fans. I didn’t think Russ Brandon had the balls to cancel the Toronto Series for one season. I’ve given Russ a ton of shit as I think he’s full of shit, but credit to him realizing how big of ...