WKBW Channel 7 Confuses Satire for Reality

A new “Facebook page” called the City of Buffalo has popped up over the last few days.

A quick scroll through it and it’s pretty freaking obvious the page is parody.

But that didn’t stop WKBW reporter (we use that term loosely) Brittany Muller to ask the tough questions, work the angles and put her investigative journalism hat on to bring us the (obvious) answers…

Someone thought it would be a good idea for poor Brittany to hop on Facebook Live this afternoon and… well… we aren’t quite sure what she was trying to do:

It gets more embarrassing when she starts going through some of the obviously ridiculous Facebook posts including a zombie apocalypse event at Canalside, (YES she actually called Canalside to confirm), a Slow Roll Event that she admits even the cofounders of the event couldn’t stop laughing….(directly at you my dear)  and our FAVORITE part of the video is when she hits the post of all posts about Taco Tuesdays in the City of Buffalo of a woman taking a dump at a city bus stop.

Oh yes she did:

Needless to say the stream quickly headed directly off the rails in the comment section

Before we could screen cap more of the comments (which were hilarious BTW) the post was quickly deleted:

When asked why the video was taken down Channel 7 all but admitted the video was an absolute train wreck:


File this under everything on Facebook is NOT always a NEWS STORY!!!