No Room for the WBEN Hypocrites on this Years Bills Bandwagon

It seems WBEN operations/program dope Tim Wenger and the rest of his on-air hypocrites have short memories.

My how quickly the narrative has changed at the local Alt-Right mouth breathers radio station over the last couple of days since the Buffalo Bills have finally made it into the playoffs for the first time since 1999.

Their social media feeds and on-air shows have been full of ‘Go Bills’ rhetoric since Sunday. But it was just a few short months ago after the President took to twitter to make an example of the NFL, when WBEN On-air personalities were quick to swear off the Buffalo Bills and the entire NFL. Bauerle and Bellavia even promoted the removal of Bill’s flags and other merchandise to be replaced by American flags on their twitter account:

Today… Apparently all has been forgotten by the band wagoners of Alt radio.  Hypocrisy obviously means nothing to this group of losers.

Here’s is the image that now adorns the station’s Facebook cover photo:

The venom coming from the mouth breathers just a few short months ago was vile and insulting to anyone who agreed with the Players and not the President. WBEN personalities made it seem like anyone supporting the Bills and the NFL we’re unpatriotic fools being taken advantage of by a league that only cares about one thing:

They spent hour amongst documented hour, shunning everyone and everything NFL, from the Pegula’s, the NFL and whoever else supported the players right to protest or #TakeaKnee during the national anthems.

They did interview upon interview, monologue after monologue, almost begging at times for people to stop supporting the NFL.

Here are some clips to remind you how awful they were. A few snippets of hypocrisy for your listening pleasure from back in September:

With the draught officially over, WBEN is right back on the bandwagon this week. Seems they have forgotten all about the way the entire on-air staff treated these very same players just a few weeks ago.

Seriously? Fuck these guys!