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What to See/Do on Hertel

The vibrant business community that exists along Hertel Avenue features dozens of gift shops, boutiques, galleries and eateries.

Photos: Feast of Saint Ann

(Click on images for full view) The faith community of Saint Ann’s celebrated the annual triduum to its namesake late last week. There were Masses at SS. Columba-Brigid and three nights of saying the rosary outside of Saint Ann’s Church on Broadway. Even though the physical church of Saint Ann’s remains closed, the supporters of the […]

Announcing the Seventh Annual Buffalo’s Best Pierogi Contest

Corpus Christi Church is once again looking for Buffalo’s best pierogi. This historic east side church is hosting its seventh annual Buffalo’s Best Pierogi contest on Saturday, August 16, 2014 at 4:30p.m. The contest is open to all amateur cooks and businesses. The contest is the centerpiece of Corpus Christi’s Corpus Christi’s 35th annual Dożynki […]

Was Tony Saying What Many People Think Regarding Sam?

    by Zachary Husser Dear Family of Friends, Former NFL-coach Tony Dungy’s position is what is said in the closed conversations of most professional locker rooms. The NFL has put in rule legislation that penalizes other NFL Players if “they” don’t come through with positive comments about Michael Sam, the first openly gay NFL […]

Something Old is New in Buffalo

  by Karima Amin For the last several months, you may have been hearing about the “Open Buffalo” initiative that was announced in January in the Buffalo News and announced at a press conference, sponsored by the Partnership for the Public Good, at the Frank E. Merriweather, Jr. Library. It was reported that the Open […]

How the Internet fuels ESPN’s dumpster fire…or is it the other way around?

When I first heard about Stephen A. Smith’s First Take statement that women should not provoke men into assaulting them, I wasn’t surprised. First Take, after all, has morphed over the years from ESPN’s one-billionth attempt at a catchall morning show that would grab the attention of the illusive 18-34 Male demographic in the AM […]