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The Public Good with Preserving our Legacy

The Partnership for the Public Good has a weekly radio show, The Public Good, which airs on WUFO 1080AM every Tuesday at 1 p.m. Our co-director, Sam Magavern, talks with representatives from local non-profits and grassroots organizations who are contributing to the public good in their community and discusses some of the hottest issues. Listen […]
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Sedita on Moreland Commission

Thirteen months ago, the Office of the Governor called upon me to be on the Moreland Commission to Investigate Public Corruption. I understood our core mission to be two-fold: to recommend anti-corruption...

PHOTO GALLERY: Buffalo Kerfluffle 2014

Jessie Lakatos 107.7 Alternative Buffalo hosted Buffalo’s first ever Kerfuffle Festival. What’s a Kerfuffle? Besides short a word from a Dr’ Suess book with a star belly sneech or two, A Kerfuffle is described as a noise disturbance, a fuss or a argument in the dictionary.  Far from the meaning of it’s name, this festival with 8 bands, Jammed […]