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The Art of Shaving

After receiving the Art of Shaving Starter Kit as a gift, I fear I may have inadvertently entered the world of getting a proper shave... and I can never go back. Perhaps you've wandered into their store that opened a while back in Galleria,…

The Press Box Impresses

The Buffalo Eggrolls are genius, far superior to their Asian cousins. With a little blue cheese dip, I could eat these all day.

Beyond the stats by @nickelcitybills: Dissecting the Bills’ Third Down Defense

The Bills’ overall third down defense was about middle of the road in terms of first downs allowed last season. Here’s where the Bills, and the rest of the league stacked up in 2013 (average rates are the blue dots and the tails represent the 95% confidence intervals based on sample sizes). Did anyone else […]