Share Your Story: OFA.BO For more than 19 months, President Obama campaigned on the idea that if we're going to be successful, every American has to do their part and pay their fair share. A centerpiece of his platform, and the campaign you built, was that income taxes should not go up on the middle class — that the responsible way to pay down the deficit, while investing in education, job training, research and science, is to ask the wealthiest Americans to pay a little more. Right now, President Obama is asking you to think about what $2000 a year means to you and your family.

Source: What does $2000 mean to you? (Youtube).

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  1. Greg Jarboe

    In the presidential election, Obama got 65,258,278 votes and Romney got 60,658,920. Obama got 332 electoral votes and Romney got 206. In the Senate, Democrats picked up 2 additional seats.In the House, Democrats picked up 8 additional seats and won a majority of the nation-wide vote. Republicans retained a majority due to the congressional redistricting process following the 2010 Census, which concentrated many Democratic votes into urban and minority districts. So, who has a mandate?

  2. p0p1p2p3p4

    I think that you USA people, being part of the best country in freedom on planet Earth, should join efforts together and shine together. Your progress and freedom will spread to the rest of the globe in a positive way. I think differences from past times has no place today. Today world has its circumstances and new ones need of new ways of thinking working. Global future demands globalagreement. My english is so bad, I hope notmy ideas. Good luck, USA, the rest of world will then be lucky too

  3. Annoyed120

    More tax = less tax. Encourage investment in the country. The jobs offer will rise and so the tax revenues. More tax = less tax because there are less money to use in the economy. Help the richs to create jobs and the poors will be no more.

  4. toby0cooper

    What about the fact that only a third of every dollar collected in tax benefits the rich at all? So for every dollar that they give in taxation, two thirds of it goes to things that they do not benefit from? The rate is not what is important. If the government were really treating everyone equally it would have a policy that you only pay for tax insofar as you benefit from it. Clearly on that principle the rich are already heavily overtaxed. Why should everyone have to pay the same rate?

  5. seppel21011

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  6. seppel21011

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