Bob Costas gun control rant after Jovan Belcher tragedy. Sad to use a tragedy to advance ones own agenda. Sad and Ironic that “God Bless America” is playing in the background

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  1. TIB1973

    I was all set for watching a football game and then got a lecture. Although I do support his freedom to speak his mind I do not support it in such a public arena. Had there not been a gun?!? sorry but crazy don’t care about guns, crazy would have found a knife or just strangled their victim. however just like when i turn off religious crap, I used my freedom of choice to turn the channel and then again to never watch SNF if costas is covering it. Follow up with mail to nfl shortly.

  2. lizardman563

    Why is he quoting Jason Whitlock? JW is probably one of the most anti-intellectual, idiotic sportswriters out there (and there are many). Recently, he tried to claim that quote “The NRA is the new KKK.” Riiiight, because the NRA commits lynchings, cross burning and murder…….

    Oh wait.

  3. chuck cheeze

    Yea a little perspective Bob,

    On a football weekend, where several players were knocked out cold with cheap shots.

    Lucky for me I can easily delete NBC permanently with my remote.

    Are you kidding ?

    You just lost 80 % of your viewers…fire Bob.

  4. Secretive George

    Good on him. American gun laws are fucked and need to be changed. I’m sure it will happen eventually. Surely sense can prevail?

  5. lizardman563

    The only people politicizing tragedy here are the idiots you agree with, who seize any opportunity they can (as in, any tragic shootings) to push for ridiculous gun laws that have no statistical backing or proof of effectiveness, and are fueled by emotion rather than fact.


  6. Tye Bush

    So I have read some of the comments for both sides of the argument on gun control. The only thing in will says is that if the government were to take guns a way form law abiding citizen then the only people that would have guns other than the police and millitary would be crimanls that intended to cause harm. An if that is what they intended to do then they will just go buy a gun from some other criminal.

  7. charlie brown

    hey, dumbass, its already a crime for a criminal to have a gun in his possession. what other genius ideas do you have? spoons make people fat?

  8. badair302

    He sound so damn dumb. “If he didn’t have a gun they would still be alive” if he wanted to kill her he would have. I mean there are such things as knifes. he could of strangled her or something. Not having a gun wouldn’t of saved them. Its sad to say but everything happens for a reason