Down on the Farm: Summer to Autumn

(By Wilson Street Urban Farm) Busy is an understatement. August filled our plates with salads and our vases with flowers. It brought armloads of turnips and arugula and gave all the tomatoes it could. Somehow it managed to squeeze in...
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Tomorrow is Today, at Market Bar

This weekend I ventured outside of Kaisertown and attended the soft opening of The Market Bar located at 232 Gibson Ave- right across from the Broadway Market in the Broadway-Fillmore neighborhood on the East side. The bar is seated 2.83 miles from my home in Kaisertown, but it may as well have been 100 miles. […]
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AM-POL Eagle: St. John Kanty’s Experiencing Renaissance

(Gregory Witul • Mon, Jun 30, 2014) In recent years, many of Buffalo’s Polish parishes have been on a bit of an upswing. St. Stanislaus Parish just celebrated its 140th anniversary; Corpus Christi has been working on replacing their towers; Father Krysa has breathed new life into St. Casimir’s and opened up the rectory as […]
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AM-POL Eagle: Property At 77 Woltz Had Rough And Tumble Early History

(Gregory Witul • AM-POL Eagle) Many of the taverns and gin mills that dotted Buffalo’s East Side have histories that started with returning soldiers of the Second World War or the bootleggers of Prohibition or even the Pan-American in 1901, but few of them date back to the 19th century. This week we will take a […]
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Survive Two Failed Farms, Name Some Streets After Your Family

(May 5, 2014 by Angela Keppel) Fay, May and St. Joseph Streets are three streets in the Emerson Neighborhood on the East Side of Buffalo. The three streets run between Walden Avenue and the New York Central Railroad tracks (with May Street reaching north to Hazel Place). The streets were named after Joseph, May and Fay, […]