Godzilla Roars On To The Scene

Monster movies tend to lean towards the cult film crowd. There are exceptions though. Just about every movie fan and even quite a few casual fans have experienced the greatness of a Godzilla film at one time or another, whether it’s one of the classics (no matter how cheesy the graphics) or one of the […]

Jonathan Returns To Examine Another Hidden Gem

Our good friend and valued contributor, Jonathan of Robbins Realm has returned to once again examine the unknown and hidden classics you may have missed somewhere along the line. A young man waits with an anxious expression written across the contours of his face as a cream-colored, chauffeur driven, Rolls Royce makes its way along […]

Trailer Trash: The Drop

The next few installments of Trailer Trash will be rather bitter- sweet. We will start with James Gandolfini’s final movie, The Drop. It is based on a Dennis Lehane short story entitled, “Animal Rescue”. Lehane also penned the screenplay. The film stars Tom Hardy caught in the middle of a botched robbery that threatens to […]

Robert De Niro’s Best Of The 1980′s

By the time 1980 hit, Robert De Niro was a true star in Hollywood, in every sense of the word. He had multiple Academy Award nominations under his belt. He had teamed up with Martin Scorsese and started a legendary partnership. Some of his greatest success was yet to come. 5. Once Upon A Time In […]

Robert DeNiro’s Top 5 Of The 1970′s

There is no doubt that Robert DeNiro is one of the most talented, fearless and ferocious actors of the last forty plus years. It is with this in mind that has lead me to my most recent top 5 list, or should I say, lists. I have decided to break down DeNiro’s career, decade by […]

Trailer Trash: Joe

Believe it or not, Nicolas Cage IS an Oscar winner. You could never tell based on his body of work these last ten years or so. He may have revived himself, though with his highly acclaimed and highly anticipated new film, Joe. Cage plays an ex-con thrown into a sticky situation in a small town. […]

Trailer Trash: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

After much speculation and controversy over story line and Michael Bay’s involvement, We finally have our first look at Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. There has been so much discussion surrounding the plot, the characters and the origin of The Turtles. Many fans raised their voices to the point that they didn’t want the film made if it […]

Splinter Cell May Have Bourne Identity Director

Doug Liman is in talks as director and producer of the the film, Splinter Cell based on the Ubisoft and Tom Clancy video game with the red hot, Tom Hardy to star. View full story on Hollywood Reporter. http://m.hollywoodreporter.com/entry/view/id/254...

My Top 5 Favorite Surprise Endings

Most people love a good surprise ending. Almost every movie, as it goes on, people try to figure out the ending. The trouble with new movies is people expect a great twist at the end.It has got me to explore some of my favorite surprise moments or endings to movies. Keep in mind this list […]

Jeff Bridges: Top 5 Underrated Films

Without a doubt in the last 10-15 years one of the most reliable stars has been Jeff Bridges. In the last 6-7 years he’s enjoyed the height of his career without question. After winning his first Academy Award for Crazy Heart, he followed up with another nomination the next year for his remake of True […]

New Film Based On Jim Hendrix Early Life

Recent oscar winner, John Ridley recently talked about his upcoming film about the electric genius Jim Hendrix. It’s an interesting read you might enjoy http://m.rollingstone.com/movies/news/jimi-all-is-by-my-side-john-ridley-talks-about-his-hendrix-biopic-20140313

Trailer Trash: Transcendence

For far too long Johnny Depp and Tim Burton have relied on each other way too much. Johnny Depp has taken a break from the Burton world of film making. Transcendence is his latest effort and it appears to be the sci-fi thriller, sci-fi fans will flock in droves to see. If based on the […]