Before There Was Email

In light of the recent Buffalo News article detailing an exchange of correspondence between horse-porn emailer and Buffalo School Board member Carl Paladino and UCLA Civil Rights Project leader Gary Orfield, we present a copy of a letter that may or may not* have been found under a file cabinet at The King Center.   […]

“Winter Storm Dick” To Fuck WNY Over Again Real Good

  The latest Tommu-Weather Forecast: South Buffalo and the Southtowns are going to get fucked over royally again by Winter Storm Dick, reports the National Weather Service. “Before the affected area gets time to recover, Winter Storm Dick is going to deliver a ‘right jolly rogering’ , says Chief Meteorologist Butch McBigflank . “Although it […]

Buffalo Transforms Ugly Grain Silos Into Beautiful Works of Art

Buffalonians were treated to the continued “beautification”  of the Queen City Monday as work crews at Buffalo Riverworks were busy transforming some of our famous grain silos into wondrous works of art.  No, wait… That’s in Nebraska.   Here we got stuck with some giant advertising… “Talking Proud!”
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Clarence IDA Tax-A-Break-tion!

"The decision of Clare-Ida will be award the most tax incentive dollars to the mots frivolous petition before us...."
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What To Do With Leftover Election Memes

While the argument may be made that all political memes are useless, what will half the country do when the Presidential election is decided? Time to donate your memes!