Is the 2014 season do or die for Whaley and Marrone?

3 Years. That’s the time frame everyone says a franchise has to turn it around. Seriously…Who came up with that number? Did Lombardi or Parcells go on record to say it takes 3 years to turn around a franchise? Was it a media creation as to how long it takes? Did some analytics guy crunch […]

2014 @2ITB_Buffalo Sabres Awards

The Two in the Box awards are back yet again for another year and I’m joined in the voting by the newest contributor to the site,

Who wants to buy the Bills now?!

This has been a piece that I’ve been wanting to do since Ralph Wilson died. However, every time I put my words to a computer screen, I come away shaking my head wondering how stupid all of this is about to get and how everyday that passes, something stupider will occur leaving the piece dated.  […]

@2ITB_Buffalo: Thoughts on changing the NHL Draft Lottery

As the talent at the top of the NHL Draft continues to rise each year the topic of tanking to ensure higher odds at the first overall pick is becoming a hot topic. While the current system is designed to give the 30th place finisher the best opportunity to pick first, there is a better chance […]

Second Take with @BradleyGelber – The Season I Gave Up

The 2013-2014 Buffalo Sabres season is finally over. After what seemed like the never-ending story, the Sabres finished dead last in the league in just about everything. As easy as it would be to sit here and rip apart my favorite hockey team for what was months of anguish and despair, I am taking a […]

Could a Homecoming for Mike Williams make or break him?

As most of you guys know, I tend to not give a crap about what a player does off the field. I’ve always maintained that as long as they are there on Sundays, I don’t need them to be rescuing cats out of trees or being humanitarians. It is and will always be about what […]

Beyond the Stats: Analyzing Mike Williams

In the past two seasons, Mike Williams was targeted on 166 passes. He caught 51.2% of those passes for 1,212 yards. Where does he excel and how will he fit into the Bills’ offense in 2014? In his last two seasons, Williams lined up wide on both the strong and weak sides of the formation […]