“Tonight I joined my colleagues in Congress as the President enthusiastically and thoughtfully introduced the American Jobs Act. 

“We know this nation is hurting, people are out of work, businesses are struggling and consumer confidence is suffering, but as the President reminded us tonight the confidence in America as a resilient land of opportunity remains strong and constant.

“Before us now is a plan to cut taxes, invest in infrastructure and boost small business.  The President’s plan includes a National Infrastructure Bank, an initiative I advocated for in a proposal outlined yesterday, which will support quality jobs in the construction and supply industries.  In addition, the Jobs Act creates “Project Rebuild” designed to rehab, homes, businesses and neighborhoods, exciting news for older communities like ours right here in Western New York.   

“Now Congress has a choice: Are we going to fight for the American people and jobs or are we going to fight one another?  I stand with the American people eager to put politics aside and together get down to work, so Americans can get back to work.” 


Additional Background:

On Wednesday, Congressman Higgins outlined his job creation proposal focusing on Road, Water & Cancer-Fighting Infrastructure in a letter to the President.

Earlier today, in a letter to the Deficit Reduction Commission, Congressman Higgins laid out a plan to achieve as much as $200 billion in savings through negotiated prescription drug prices for Medicare beneficiaries.