In response to the powerful voice and persistent hard work of PUSH members, Mayor Brown last week proposed a 2012 Capital Budget that includes $350,000 to complete Phase II of the Mass Ave Park. Thank you Mayor Brown for supporting our belief that we know what we need where we live!

For those who don�t know, the Mass Ave Park is our neglected neighborhood park. In 2009, PUSH members got hundreds of community residents together to brainstorm ideas for turning the park into a community space that would work for our community. With those ideas we developed a plan and asked our Mayor Byron Brown, our Council Member David Rivera, and our Deputy Commissioner of Parks Andy Rabb to put our plan into action. Each of them has expressed their commitment to implementing our plan. As a result, Phase I is on track to be complete by Thanksgiving and Phase II could be underway next year with Capital Budget funding!

We’ll be celebrating the Mass Ave Park’s (Re)Birthday–as construction on Phase I begins!–to celebrate our victory and thank Mayor Brown, Council Member Rivera, and Andy Rabb in person for their ongoing support of our community�s plan for the Mass Ave Park. Please join us if you can on November 17th at 3pm in front of the park.

We�re getting this done because real people have real power! Thank you to our friends, allies and members for your time and effort on making our plan for the Mass Ave Park a reality. Who could have guessed that shortly after the National Fuel Accountability Coalition won a huge victory from the Public Service Commission–millions more of our dollars committed to low-income weatherization statewide– PUSH members would achieve another amazing victory?!

We really hope you can join us on November 16th to celebrate both these victories at the Fuel the 99% concert and march!