The town of Newstead consists of 51 square miles and a population of approximately 8,400 people. The Village of Akron is located within the Newstead and consists of 2 square miles and a population of approximately 3,000 people.

In addition to its own separate elected officials, Akron also has its own police force. For more than 100 years there has been a Town of Newstead Court and a Village of Akron Court operating in two different locations. Village of Akron officials are moving towards eliminating the Village Court by consolidating and combining it with the Newstead Town Court. The vote by Akron officials will bring to a conclusion three years of discussions.

With budget cuts coming down from Albany and taxpayers reaching their limit on paying increased taxes, communities must find ways to deliver services cheaper and more efficiently.

The consolidation of services between Villages and Towns are the type of things that need to happen more. What do you think?