There is certain uproar over me stating that the Sabres, including Jhonas Enroth, would’ve fared better with Ryan Miller in net not just this evening, but always. Quick stats:

Enroth pre-Miller injury: 6 GP, 1.15 GAA, .956 save pct.

Enroth post-Miller injury: 10 GP, 3.00 GAA, .903 save pct.

Analysis: Enroth is a future No. 1 goaltender, but the plan was not to have him playing every night at this age without a suitable goaltender i.e. Miller to take the pressure of bearing too many nights when he had to be mistake-free on his shoulders.

Sabres pre-Miller injury: 9-6, 3.26 GPG

Sabres post-Miller injury: 3-6, 2.22 GPG

Analysis: You can’t win games if you not only allow goals, you don’t score more than the other team. Weird, I know.