I attended last nights Chicago Blackhawks vs Buffalo Sabres game and found two gems of a jersey. The first was a Clark W Griswold Blackhawks jersey from Christmas Vacation. This is 100% awesome!

The second jersey had me in disbelief. It is a Patrick Kane Buffalo Sabres jersey. You are probably thinking to yourself, “Isn’t Patrick Kane on the Blackhawks?” Indeed he is. Patrick Kane is from Buffalo and Sabres fans want him to come back home when his contract is up. This Sabres fan, in a very aggressive move, decided that he’d go all in and purchase his Patrick Kane Sabres jersey before anyone else. Considering that the Blackhawks are one of the best teams in the NHL and are contenders to win the Stanley Cup every year I have a hard time believing that he’ll leave. I don’t know what it is about people who live in Chicago and getting jerseys of players that aren’t on their team.