A great deal of this you can already find posted on my twitter (@matthew1stewart), but I figured I’d pop in here and repeat myself with a quick hit. Ok. So: Everybody knows it’s been bad for the Sabres lately. But how bad? I mean, we aren’t talking “worst in the league, competing for a top lottery pick bad”, right? I mean, we’re not the Oilers or Islanders, right? Haha. Ha. Ha. Yeah, no, we totally are.
This is not just one of the worst teams in the NHL this season, this may be, in fact, the worst Buffalo Sabres team we’ve seen in a very long time. Maybe even ever.
Now put away your blamey stick, conceal again your pitchforks and flame. There’s no one thing to pinpoint, exactly, in explaining exactly how bad this team has been. No sir and ma’am. To be historically bad, as it goes, it’s usually a group effort.
The players have stunk. The coach has stunk. The guy who put it all together has stunk. The guys who have paid for it all have s…